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Boost your employee’s productivity and collaboration in the hybrid office era with Onework's workspace management solution

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The best workspace management for your enterprises

Onework’s workspace is the workspace management solution that is incredible at helping your employees find the best workspace for their work, every day. The solution is not only highly flexible to address all your requirements but also pack up with features that will make your employees happy to adopt the new normal – work-from-anywhere.

Digitize each and every desk in your office. Let your employee choose where to sit

Working zone management

Create working zones with different purposes like quiet zone, collaboration zone, etc.
Digitize your rooms. Allow your employees to see and book available rooms

as a service

Expand your workspace options with high-quality workspace from Onework


Create your internal currency that can be spent to reserve your facilities

Access control

Give your employees digital QR access to your facilities

(Coming soon)

Create your internal currency that can be spent to reserve your facilities

(Coming soon)

Daily check on how your employees satisfy with the facilities with a quick survey


Help your employees work together physically from anywhere

Onework’s collaboration is designed to help employees find the best colleagues or team to work with, every day. We believe that offline engagement among employees is still necessary and we help encourage them in work from anywhere era.


Colleague invitation

Easily invite colleagues to sit together.

Team day

Bring all team members back to work together on a regular basis.

Visitor invitation

Need to work with external parties? Just send them an invitation.

Event management

Keep everyone in the organization feel connected via organization-wide events.
Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Turn your employee behavior into insight

Onework’s data analytics helps enterprises collect not only utilization data of the facilities but also quality of the utilization with our unique satisfaction rating survey. The data is visualized via built-in reports and dashboards, which can be customized further as required by your enterprise.

Facility utilization reports and dashboards

See how your employees use facilities, both quantity and quality of the uses

Employee behavior reports and dashboards

See how your employees prefer to work in work-from-anywhere era

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