Room management

Complete room management solution for all types of rooms. Easy to book from a mobile phone.

Onework room management is the most flexible room management system that can accommodate the needs of your enterprise. Digitize your rooms and make it accessible by employees in seconds.

Room management

How does it work?

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Assign available rooms

Create your rooms one-by-one or upload in batch. You may add capacities, amenities, and operating hours to the rooms as  information for employees when choosing rooms.

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Employees choose a room from the frontend of choice

Employees choose an available room, make a reservation, and send out invitations to all participants.

Common room VS Department room

Make some rooms available to all employees and some zones available to specific departments (e.g., HR, Legal, etc.)


Ensure your rooms are utilized with a check-in feature. Print a QR code of each room and stick it somewhere in front or in the room. Allow your employees to scan the QR code to check-in when they arrive.

Meeting room kiosk integration

If you have a tablet to display meeting information in front of each room, we provide a kiosk application to display on the tablet. The application displays information of the current meeting while showing color codes that indicate the status of the room (Available / Not available). If you do not have the tablets, we have trustable hardware partners for you.

Customize booking flow

Customize booking flow
(coming soon)

This is what makes Onewok room management so unique. You may set up certain parts of the booking flow to make it fit to the use case of the rooms. You may allow employees to book a room by specifying the starting time and ending time (suitable for meeting rooms) or by choosing the time from preset slots (suitable for training classes). There is more flexibility to explore. Talk to us for more information.

Calendar integration (coming soon)

Seamlessly send meeting invitations to all participants after booking a room via established calendar systems such as Outlook or Google calendar.